Winter, BEGONE!

Mid-February. I feel the door closing on winter and every now and then I get a whiff – just a tease – of spring. The tease may come as I smell a patch of dirt exposed through the melting snow, or feel a small pocket of warm air, or as the temperature rises from continuous weeks of near and below freezing to the forties, then the fifties, then sustained sixties.

I’m getting over thinking I might scream during the short, cold days of winter and suddenly we don’t have a lot of time to get through that To Do list before spring commissioning. Fortunately, we should be able to hit the water ready to go (knock on wood). The engine is almost re-built; at least the major parts are shiny and new. The marina had to install a new starter in order to winterize the boat. We still have to replace the speed transducer and a broken wind vane. Oh, and John wanted to replace the fresh water hoses so he removed them all before Halcyon was hauled. Those are minor issues. We sailed most of last summer without a working wind vane after a bird sat on it. We only knew our speed on one early sail before it became fouled anyway. The more I think about the list, the longer it grows but most items will not prevent us from sailing.

We have had (almost) a season sailing Halcyon and that has been enough time to see what worked, what we want to add, what needs to go.

We’re ready to sail even if the boat kinda isn’t.

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