And She’s OFF!…Almost

Today I took one ladder, one mother and Halcyon’s two batteries down to Rock Hall. I left the two batteries to be installed by the marina. I brought mom home. It was a beautiful and sunny (but – to me – chilly) 70 degrees or so. The breeze was one I would have loved to be sailing in.

Alas, Halcyon is still on her blocks. But there is progress. The anticipated “Catalina smile” has been repaired and the shrink wrap was sliced open for the commissioning  to be completed. It reminded me of the old Jiffy Pop bags after the popcorn finished popping and the bag burst open.

As can be expected after spending a wet six months encased in plastic, the cabin has a fair bit of mold that we’ll have to take care of before I and our guests can sleep aboard.  Thankfully last Fall I removed and brought home everything covered in cloth. Hopefully there will be less mold next year as John will install a solar vent before we lay her up again.

Rock Hall was at its best today. People were out jogging, biking, walking and enjoying the day. There were even people on the beach. We drove by Java Rock in town and it looked like it was doing a brisk business with many folks enjoying the patio seating. We saw quite a few sails on the bay and the marina looks like it has most of the slips filled. After lunch at Harbor Shack we drove around town for a bit. John and I don’t get to the other side of Rock Hall. No particular reason, we just haven’t been over there. Mom and I drove through some really nice neighborhoods, nothing fancy just quiet and well-kept.

Hopefully this week Halcyon will be floating companionably next to our slip neighbors who I noticed were already sitting in their cockpit in their slip enjoying the weather. In the meantime I’ll indulge my sailing fantasies by watching Jimmy Buffet’s concert streaming live. Fins up!

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