Championing the Unappreciated

Last Monday after I submitted our scaled back work order that only instructs the boatyard to perform the basic spring commissioning to the systems and fix the keel, it REALLY sank in that everything else will be added to our To Do list. As soon as I clicked Send and sent the work order on its way, I immediately went to BoatUS and upgraded our towing package to “unlimited.” We now have free towing from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean if we need it. Sorry, Honey. It’s not that I don’t have 100% confidence in John’s engine maintenance skills but we both have to be at work on Monday mornings.

After I left John off at the airport for his flight to Indiana with the diesel engine manual tucked into his laptop backpack, I thought about getting home and sinking into my comfy chair with a snack and a glass of wine and learning everything I could about Halcyon’s…head. For landlubbers that means the toilet. It may be the least glamorous job on the boat. I know that this may mean that all eyes turn toward me when a guest, forgetting that they aren’t at home with the benefit of a public sewer, stops up the system and creates a problem that even Febreze can’t hide.

Marine heads are usually part of a closed system with the waste going into a holding tank. Unless a boat owner invests in a compost system or one that treats the waste before discharging overboard, in US inland waters there are, thankfully, rules against the discharge from boats of untreated waste and heavy fines if caught discharging even unintentionally. This means, in part, making sure hoses are not dry-rotted and replacing them if I need to, checking for leaks and making sure that the holding tank is free of odors as much as possible. At least, that’s what I know to do before my research fills in the details.

There is no “unlimited marine plumbing repair” package offered by BoatUS and since John hasn’t said a peep about the head, I decided to step up to the plate and take it under my wing, make it my own, champion the unappreciated.

I want a cape. Bright red, please.


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